Here you will find translations of various chess materials from very different languages into Russian (which is my native one): chapters and excerpts from books (including not published yet), articles, just interesting texts from Internet. Besides translations, notes on chess books translation creation are located, as well as sketches (or essays) on chess literature translators and chess translation history in general.


In the sector Books all translated books are represented, you will see here a concise description and a fragment of every work.

In the sector Articles one can find Russian versions of articles, passages and other texts concerning chess.

In the sector Notes there are works dedicated to the process of chess texts translation – reflections, difficulties and curiosities of such translation.

In the sector History sketches on history of chess literature translation in Russia and some chess translators’ biographies are situated.

In the sector Publishing Houses some information about chess publishing houses in Russia and other countries is given.

Finally, in the sector Contact you can find facts from my biography and my contact data.


I am open for any proposals concerning chess materials translation from different languages - for now I am able to carry out a translation from approximately a dozen of languages.

Let’s make the chess world more understandable!